A letter from a fan

Hi there,

I have a son, Anthony, who is 21 later this month and who was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when he was 4.

I have decided to put all the major expriences and “epiphanies” into a Blog.


I’m keen to find out if other parents would be interested in stories of hope .. and what to prepare for,

So I’d appreciate it if you would publish this letter on your website and see if you can reach people who might be interested in learning lessons from my family’s “on-going” story.

Many thanks

London UK

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Gym = fun & coordination

Hi my son has dsypraxia and for the past 2 month i enrolled him in kids gym. The class was specially arranged for kids with dyspaxia or other difficulties and he loves it. It helps his coordination a lot and also his interaction with other kids… sort of like a supervised play session. i would recommend kids gym. There are a few around but choose those with small number of kids so your kid doesnt feel out of place. Better if there are one or 2 advanced level kids so they have a good role model. this is important bc modelling is a key learning tool for kids with learning disabilities.

Occasionally i also bring him to these kids play areas where you pay an hourly fee and they can run around in pool of balls, slides  etc. there is one in great eastern mall near my home.

Update on my son OKU card

Last tuesday i finally got the pyschological assessment for my son from UKM in Kampung Baru. It took months for them to finalise it. And it seems they can only send it to the referring Doctor. Which in my case had unfortunately left the country for a year further studies. So i ended up paying them RM 200 for a signed copy.

After that  i took the assessment and went to Jabatan kebajikan masyarakat WP across the road. Now it seems that if you registered address is in Selangor you can only apply for teh OKU card in your particular district. So today i took time off and went to my Jab Keb Masy office in Kajang. They need a photocopy of the OKU form , 4 IC size photo and 2 copies of the childs birth cert. For completeness i also brought along my assessment bill to prove i lived in the district.

they were quite polite and took my details and told me it would be ready in about a month. However they let me keep the originasl signed form so i can use it for school and ministry of education needs etc etc. I.e you dont actually need the card itself.

SO now i have to decide if my son is ready to joing std 1 next year or i need to delay. Anybody has any idead how to delay a year of school?

Hi i was looking for a dentist to send my son becasue he really really cant go to a normal dentist. He doesnt have the attention and i am afraid that if i force him he will develop a phobia. I made this mistake with him when i went to the barber and now its a no go zone…SO i’m trying to handle this gently.

There is this klinik in Tmn Melawati  thta claims can handle special needs children. I called them up and they do have dentist with the experience in this matters.

Update : i have visited the doc 3 times already very good and highly recommended….

Klinik pergigian Dr Fauziah,

236A Jalan Bandar 13,

Taman Melawati,

53100 KL

Tel   : 03 4107 1591

I made and appointment today for 2 weeks time …seems they are that busy…..

I Came across this school in Kuantan that caters for special needs kids…here is the website.

SMK Tengku Panglima Perang Tengku Muhammad, Kuantan, Pahang


Here is a resource on parenting a special needs child 


OKU Card

Hi, My wife came back home one evening all excited about getting an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya/Disabled persons) Card from the Jabatan Kebajikan (ministry of welfare). She says you get free medical for the child (from Govt hospital), discounts on utility bills (???), income tax deductions and other goodies. She decribes it as a card for children with learning disabilities and not OKU (i am not sure about where she gets her facts though). It seems you need certification from Govt doctor and HUKM in Ceras waiting list for this is months!!!.

 anybody that can enlighten me on this.

Hi, I came across this school specially catering for kids with learning disabilities, its called “CADS enhancemennt Centre” My friend sends his 6y old daughter with chromosome problem there. The place is somewhere in Jalan Gurney KL and they have a a daycare centre as well. Since he just started he cannot give any real feedback yet. but its convenient enough for them because both parent work in KL. But for the daycare you need to pick the kids up by about 6pm. Which is a drag for some of us.